Why Local Search Optimization Has Become So Important

Local search is not just about doing SEO for the local mom-and-pop stores. It can be applied by almost any business whether it is the brick and mortar store or the large corporate organization. With the Pigeon update that was released by Google in 2014, local SEO has since grown to be an important thing that every business should consider doing. Many leading online businesses are now putting more focus on local search optimization after many years of not thinking of the local scene in inbound marketing.

Any business that did local optimization, with the update of the algorithm, it saw an opportunity to further improve the strategy. Here are good reasons why businesses need to consider local search as part of their internet marketing strategy.

Search engines like Google like local businesses

The search engines are dictating the way internet marketing is going to be done. That’s why many updates are being released about the ranking factors. Therefore, business owners should learn how to adjust to these updates and keep on the right track. SEO is very important for all businesses and probably the breath line of many entities.

Since Google is the major engine, it means that if it embraces local search, business owners and marketers should too think of that strategy and see how it can benefit them. Google wants small business owners to increase their online visibility. Therefore, it is doing all it can to give them opportunities to tap such an opportunity.

Bring individualized results

When you search some keywords, engines can display results based on your location. The search history as a well as geographic location help search engines understand what you need and will provide you with results based on that. Local search optimization will continue growing as businesses begin to realize its potential.

Increased use of mobile devices

The number of people doing mobile searches has grown significantly. Most of the searches on mobiles are performed by people while on the go. The wearable devices like Apple Watch are also joining the mobile platform and now more people are using them to access the internet when on the go.

Therefore, the on-go searches are becoming more frequent. This means that proximity based searches will be popular. This is part of the local search because the results are displayed based on the propinquity of the location where a person is searching from. Wearable devices are further making the geographic relevance in the search results.

Increased competition

More and more people are creating new websites. The new businesses are joining the internet. The big corporations have already taken the scene in internet marketing. New businesses may find it difficult to get online visibility.

With the national or regional search dominated by the blue chip brands, it would mean that the small enterprises at the local level would want to pull up their socks and consider using local search. Finding smaller target niches through local search optimization can help the small business owners to beat the increasing competition in online visibility.

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